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The SEF Bylaws Committee kicked off last fall, and despite the hurdles of intermittent power outages and COVID-19 sheltering in place, they invested a significant amount of time and energy to revise the foundation’s operational document. In addition to the standard revisions, was the additional requirement for SEF Membership. The current SEF Board unanimously approved the revised bylaws in July, thus agreeing to implement SEF membership, and therefore, enabling our stakeholder community to have a larger impact on SEF. To learn more, reference the SEF Bylaws.

All parents and legal guardians of a child that currently attends a school in SUSD are qualified to be members of SEF. There are three ways a qualified parent/guardian can obtain membership for the current year:

The membership program is a big step for SEF, and the new board is excited to engage with our stakeholder community in what will be a challenging year for SUSD. This year, you can expect to see regular communications from SEF in the form of a newsletter. This newsletter will contain information such as upcoming meeting logistics, highlights of SEF funded programs and teachers, volunteer opportunities, as well as progress to our annual fundraising goals.

In summary, we value our stakeholder community, and look forward to improving our communications, outreach, and interaction with you. We are excited for this new chapter in SEF and hope you’ll join us in our mission to better the educational content and experiences for all children in SUSD.