About Us

Bridging the Funding Gap


The Saratoga Education Foundation (SEF) was formed by a group of concerned parents over thirty years ago when state funding for education dropped significantly and was no longer adequate to provide and maintain the high-quality classes and programs that the community had come to expect.

Since its formation, SEF has continued to bridge the gap between public funds (funds received from the government, from property taxes, school bonds, etc.) and the funds needed to maintain the education level that, for many of us, is the reason we moved to Saratoga. Other top performing school districts in California also follow this model to achieve excellence in education.

our mission


Every year there is inadequate state funding for California schools. The result is that some important subjects are often badly neglected. Saratoga Education Foundation’s mission is to ensure that our children receive high quality and well rounded education.

By raising funds from our families, SEF helps support educational programs valued by our families, but cannot be provided by public funding alone. The Foundation is also committed to conducting its operations in a manner that actively encourages community involvement and builds cooperation among district organizations and schools.


Your consistent and generous financial gifts over the years have ensured the Saratoga Unified School District’s strong foundation in educational excellence. Academically, a Saratoga education continues to be ranked among the TOP 3% in California. Each and every one of our schools is award winning in the areas of academic excellence and innovative programming as supported by receiving these awards multiple times.